Learn how to Juggle

Lesson 1

To start you will need to grab 3 items roughly the same size and weight. Like: 3 x Balls, 3 x Beanbags, 3 x Oranges, 3 x Apples, or 3 x Chainsaws*.

*I'm only joking. If you grabbed a chainsaw go put it back, and read this page on juggling safety.

When learning to juggle, you will definitely drop these items a lot. So make sure you clear some room (we don't want to break anything or hurt anybody).

One ball with two hands

Let's start by throwing one ball between two hands... pretty easy, huh?! We will knock things up a notch in a minute.

One ball between two hands

Try and throw the ball high enough so that it's level with your eyes. As you get better at this, you will notice you won't have to track the ball with your eyes to catch it.

I bet you are doing super, let's move onto Lesson Number 2