Learn how to Juggle

Juggling tricks

Once you have learnt how to juggle, it's only natural that you want to impress people with some amazing tricks. Like in our other tutorials, we will start with something simple, before moving onto the advanced stuff.

One handed tricks

Holding two balls in your dominant hand, try throwing one in the air and catching it with the same hand. Whenever one ball is about to land, throw the next.

One ball between two hands

There is another way to do this trick, and that is to move your hand more and the balls less. Still only using one hand, do it like so...

One ball between two hands

Now that you can easily juggle two balls in one hand, you have your subordinate hand free to do other things like picking up a dropped ball, or eating a piece of fruit.

Eating an Apple while Juggling

This is a great trick that always impresses, and can satisfy your hunger too.

Start off by juggling two balls and an apple normally. When the apple lands in your subordinate hand, quickly raise it to your mouth and take a bite. Your dominant hand can keep the other two balls moving by using the technique above. After you bite down on the apple, throw it back into play to continue the juggle. The quicker and more mess you make while doing this the better!

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